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Marilyn Monroe has been an iconic figure in pop culture and a sex symbol for most of the world since her entrance into the mass media through movies and Hollywood.  There isn’t much of the star’s body that couldn’t be considered iconic.  It is then no surprise that her lips are voted thumbs up for a beauty trend.


Marilyn Monroe’s sexy red lips voted out most iconic beauty trend

Los Angeles: Marking its Golden Jubilee celebration, the beauty and health retailer ‘Superdrug’ has conducted a poll to find out the top five iconic beauties across the globe. Marilyn Monroe’s red bold lips have been voted the most iconic beauty trend of all time with the sultry smoky eye trailing next.

About 2000 women participated in the poll. Monroe was an American actress, model, singer and film producer who has featured in a vast number of commercially successful movies during 1950 and early 1960s.

She was titled as the Film’s sexiest women of all time by the TV Guide Network in 2009.

The designation as the second most iconic beauty look was the classic dark, smoky eyes given to singer Cheryl Cole and socialite Kim Kardashian.

In the third spot was a TV personality Sam Faiers followed by designer Victoria Beckham and actress Twiggy in the fourth and fifth place respectively.

The director of Superdrug, Simon Comins, said, “In recent history there have been some really iconic beauty trends. The fact that some trends have come and gone, and then come back again shows that beauty trends are as cyclical as fashion, and they have all been sported by the famous faces of the day.”

“The research also shows that the power of a fabulous red lip remains one of women’s favorite and most dramatic beauty looks,” Comins added.

This study revealed that nearly half of the woman opines that the new trends in fashion and make up arises from celebrities and nearly one in every five women has copied an iconic look from the famous faces.

Around two third of the women wished that they were more brave as regards experimenting with new looks while typical women were satisfied just trying three to four iconic looks over their lifetime.


How much talent Marilyn had as an actress is up for debate, but playing tootsie-foot with no less than the President of the United States and his brother, and the mystery surrounding her death, make Monroe a conversation piece into the 21st century.  There seems to be no limit to the interest of this iconic sex symbol.



Aviation’s ‘Open Door’ Policy In The Last Century – By Cliff Rockefellow

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Editor’s note: This story doesn’t involve sex, drugs or rock and roll, but after hearing it, you may think someone was on drugs to pull a stunt like this!  I just had to pass it on.  I asked my buddy Cliff to write it down so I could post it, and he did.  This true story is about an airplane flight that you definitely would not want to be on.  This was a simpler, more care-free time.  A time before 911 and strict aviation standards.  A time when someone apparently wasn’t thinking clearly…

My parents used to love Spain and Portugal and vacationed there in the 1960′s and ’70s.  After that they chose mundane places – Hawaii and the yearly month or so in Florida during the winter. But their FAVORITE place to go was Playa Mallorca (that’s what they called it – the real name is longer). They bought Mateus there, before it was available in the U.S.A. and kept it buried in the sand there to keep it cool. Later on,(as the years passed), billions of cases of the stuff were sold in America.

So, anyway (my dad and mom)  were in Lisbon one day and flew back to Mallorca on a Russian airliner (Aeroflot-flop) and the damn thing throttled up and got up to speed on the runway when the front entry door ripped open – like all the way back to the fuselage. The door was designed ingeniously to open towards the aft, with the airflow, instead of allowing the speed of the wind passing by to keep it shut.

The pilot (this was a GOOD idea) reversed the engines and the plane came to stop about 100 feet short of the end of the runway. The pilot got on the intercom and said, simply and calmly, that there would be a few minute delay before take off.

Half an hour later an old Ladder Truck pulled up and a really scrawny unshaven filthy and hung-over looking guy got out wearing overalls and boots that were falling apart from the soles up – carrying 2 tools in his hand. They were a PIPE WRENCH and a HAMMER – and that was it!

So he pulled his ladder out of the truck, put it up to the open door and barely made it crawling through into the plane with his tools – at which point he pulled the door closed as far as he could and began hitting the latch and hinges with the pipe wrench. Then for good measure he used the hammer not to hit anything but to use the claw to pry the gaps in the door back to where they should have been and supposedly where they were before the “incident”. This was all to no avail –  he’d latch the door and kick it and it would spring back open.

After 10 tries or so he went back to the truck, got some ROPE, got back into the plane, pulled the door shut and proceeded to tie the door latch handle to a seat on the other side of the cabin. He then said something in Russian to the pilot who replied “OK”? (a universal phrase) and the mechanic said “DA!!! DA!!!” and then went to the back of the plane and jumped out a rear door. After the pilot checked the front ‘door realignment’ job and latched the rear door, (that) the mechanic had escaped from he taxied around AND TOOK OFF!

The flight was 45 minutes late – 2 hours ahead of schedule by Aeroflot standards…



Zingerman’s Take A ‘Zing’ In The Movie ‘Five Year Engagement’ – An Open Letter To Zingermans – By Andrew Robertson

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Subject: The Movie ‘Five Year Engagement’

Dear Zingermans;

I’m surprised you allowed Judd Apatow to use your good name (and facilities) in his very unfunny movie which depicts Michigan in an extremely unflattering light. The actors playing Zingerman’s employees in the movie were disgusting both in their appearance and their handling of food. The movie was so negative about Michigan in every way I’m not even going to bother to repeat why.

People really dislike Apatow’s privileged completely inaccurate portrayals of modern day life. As if an $18 an hour sous chef in San Francisco would live in a 5 million dollar house there. One review of Apatow’s previous movie said: “This is Funny for Judd Apatow, and nobody else.”  I agree!

Everyday people in San Francisco are attacking the luxury buses that take Google employees back and forth to Silicon Valley. And they are overturning their smart cars. There’s nothing worse than some out of touch Hollywood director making light of a serious issue like Garry Marshall did in ‘Pretty Woman’. Apatow follows in his footsteps.

I like your food and your new facilities and like that you’re taking a leadership role in the ‘living wage’ issue.  Humanity is suffering terribly at present from the distortion of reality coming out of Hollywood and in the mass media. A whole new generation has been raised in a period of extreme cognitive dissonance for the past thirteen years.

I always hold Zingerman’s to the highest standard possible. I wish you would lead on the issue of truth too. I don’t see what you have to gain from aiding some jerk’s two hour put down of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Apatow’s point of view is elitist. It is inaccurate. And it’s not funny.

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Daft Punk’s Time Machine To The 1970s – Nu Disco is Alive! – By Vincent J. Zuzow

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Daft Punk has come a long way since their early days of Techno music.  All the way, in fact to finding a method of transporting us back to an earlier era where Disco music was king!  But, Disco is dead you say?  Not by a long shot!  Disco never died for many.  It still pounds away in the hearts of dancers both young and old.
Check out these two videos.  See if you find something interesting about the first video as compared to the second - (I found two things) .

And the official Daft Punk video of  ’Lose Yourself To Dance…

See any interesting similarities?  See any contrasts?  I do.
In the first video, the people are dancing and clapping in some old 1970s video clips from Soul Train that featured a young ‘Little Stevie Wonder’.  Stevie had recently dropped the ‘Little’ part of his name because well, he wasn’t little anymore, and had been growing into a mature mainstay in the Pop/Disco/Soul genre.  Although the dancers are clapping in exact time to the Daft Punk song, they were actually clapping in the 1970s – pre Punkdom. It’s as if they were listening and clapping to ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ being played in the studio at the time; which they weren’t… I think that’s clever.  What sell it, is that the song ’Lose Yourself To Dance’ is the right type of music for Soul Train to have been playing – disco/soul – DP just came 40 years later!
The other interesting thing that struck me about the video was the skinniness of the people.  Where would you see that thin of a group today?  Compare the Daft Punk official video dance crowd to the 1970s Soul Train dance crowd.  The modern dancers aren’t fat, but they are no where close to the thin bodies in the ’70s!  Some of those dancers of the ’70s may be close to being considered anorexic by today’s McDonalds and Burger King crowd.
I don’t know how long Daft Punk’s time machine can keep the portal open to the intoxicating dance beat of the Disco era, but I suspect that portal “ain’t gonna be closin’ anytime soon.”

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Soon-We: Esoteric Markers In The Movie Blue Jasmine – By Andrew Robertson

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Golden gate



Blue Jasmine tells the story of a Tall White’s time travelling migraine trips through her sulphur-hued Hell on Earth. Set in San Francisco and New York in the 77th year of Director Woody Allen’s life, the golden gate’s soul journey looms large in the film. Will Allen pass through? Will we?

“You’re making a case.” Jasmine’s husband Hal Francis tells her. “I don’t like that.” And for good reason. The truth will set him free? Au contraire, au pair! Jasmine’s got the goods and she’s not afraid to use them. Her decision in a fit of rage to turn him in changes their lives forever.

Late in the film Jasmine learns her estranged stepson works across the bay at a music store marked simply 15. When she asks Danny 
Boy “how could he abandon her when she needed him the most?” he tells her he never wants to see her again. The pipes are calling, 

much? Allen’s estranged son graduated at 15 his bio states.
Allen casts Sally Hawkins as the first of two Gingers to describe his life among the Tall Whites. Jasmine buys her the Fendi yellow bag Ginger holds aloft palms up lion king-like and tells her to get rid of the bag she is carrying. A stammering, befreckled Louis C.K., who Ginger describes as smooth, is the second ginger of the story. Perhaps Jasmine has a point that Ginger settles too low.
Damascus is the city of Jasmine. The flag of the United Nations is blue although the exact shade has never been officially specified.Decisions made in haste have consequences Jasmine’s story tells us. Some are intended. Some are not. 


Un emblem


Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year with the best wishes from Sex Drugs ‘N Rock and Roll.

May 2014 find peace and joy and success in your life!

Find what you want to do in life and get to it.  What ever it might be.  Maybe it is sex or drugs  - well only the safe kind – or rock and roll.  Don’t put it off any longer; “just do it” – “Git ‘er Done”  or (fill in the blank here)…

Make some plans and follow them.  Like the saying goes; “plan your work and work your plan.”  That’s what I’m going to do.


See you in 2014!

‘JOBS’ Movie: Slamming Steve v1.0.4 build 41 – By Vincent J. Zuzow

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I went to see the movie ‘JOBS’ yesterday with two of my children. It was a matinee showing during a weekday so we were 3 of 12 in the theatre at showtime. The movie has something for everyone; sex – drugs – and rock and roll.  Oh yea, there’s some technology, power struggles, back-stabbing and pop culture thrown in there too.

I am a technocrat now, but grew up in the area of pre-Apple, pre internet, pre-electronic age.  The Apple Mac was the second computer I owned.  The first was a now defunct ‘Kaypro’ running on the CPM OS.  CPM was very DOS-like, but was a predecessor to DOS.  I was amused by the Kaypro 4 with high hopes of working its use into my daily life to help with business-related functions.  I had owned it little more than a year when a soon-to-be life-changing event was about to happen. 

My buddy Cliff came to me one day bursting with excitement over his purchase of an  Apple Macintosh 128. He had just bought and took delivery of one of the first Mac 128s in the world! He showed me MacPaint and MacDraw and MacWrite, and I was intrigued, but generally ho-hum about the tour de force of this new way of computing, and missed the point of where computer graphics were headed.

When I heard a movie about this iconic innovator was opening ‘at a theater near me’, I had to see it.

My general impression was, the film showed Steve in a negative light. It was a story about a man abandon by his parents, willing to step on any one to bring his vision to fruition. The film offers vignettes of Jobs cheating on his girlfriend, getting his GF pregnant then abandoning her, lying to WOZ about the money they made on the first Atari programming project, booting his early adopters out of the company and leaving them with no ‘piece of the pie’ for their troubles.

Later in the film we see Steve refusing to acknowledge his first-born child, Lisa (while he is working on the ‘Lisa’ project, no less) and standing by while his buddy and co-owner ‘WOZ’ fades into the shadows of Apple Computer, and later leaves the company he helped form.

The first part of the movie was slow.  Seeing Ashton Kutcher as Jobs walking around barefoot on campus or in a field did nothing for me.  It didn’t move the story along to any great degree either. Things began getting interesting in the film as the Lisa (predecessor to the Macintosh) was in development.  I remember seeing the Lisa in a local computer store. I was intrigued listening to the salesperson explaining what it could do, but realized I would never spend $10,000 on a personal computer.

Ashton was a good fit for the role of Steve.  There were times when he had an uncanny resemblance to the real Mac man.  Something in the eyes I think.  I don’t know where Ashton got that ‘Jobs walk’ from, but in a few scenes – in a profile view – it had me thinkin’ SJ had a load on, and needed to visit the men’s room…

The chronicle opens with the introduction of the iPod, and leaves us there.  We never see the introduction of the iPhone, iPad or the company-changing birth of iTunes.  All three of these Apple events help crush the PC/Windose grip on the computer world and catapult Apple into the forefront of technology world wide.  Will there be a sequel? My guess is ‘yes’. Maybe they could call it ‘Jobs 2.0.16 build 58′.

If you are any way interested in Apple or Steve Jobs, or the Mac, or how a mega-glogal multi-national business got started in a so-cal garage; this movie is a must see.  If you want to preserve your memory of Steve Jobs as a kind, warm and fuzzy technocrat giving birth to the tech toys of our age; you may want to give it a pass.

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Aloha Dan Inouye! Remembering a fallen Soldier – By Cliff Rockefellow

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NOTE: I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS REGARDING ANY POLITICIAN. You might find this “junk” but you might not. My thoughts follow.

Aloha, Dan Inouye. With your even keel, your Robert Mitchum voice (in my opinion) and your steady facial expressions (free of quirks – you had nothing to hide) were a Medal of Honor recipient and a United States Senator from Hawaii and president pro-tem of our Senate. Few in our Senate or Congress have earned my respect (in fact of the populace in general!) but you earned ALL of mine. Your were my favorite, bar none. We saw a lot of you, heard a lot from you, learned a lot from you and I, for one, am glad we did. I appreciated every word I ever heard from you and you certainly always held my respect and attention.

You will have TWO funeral services; one at the National Cemetery on Friday and other at the National Cemetery of the Pacific (at Punchbowl) on Sunday (in Hawaii). Afterwards you will be laid to rest in a place of your family’s (not your government’s) choosing. probably in Hawaii I would think.

Even after your burial, your legacy – your multitude of ideas, achievements, strength of steel, unwavering commitment to family and country, your honest-to God heroism, and your undying service along with a plethora of positive memories shall remain here, with US – the people, to name a few things you leave behind.

I cannot begin to even pretend to know all the good you brought to us, that you GAVE to us. I do know that you gave all of YOURSELF to us – one can’t do more than that – and for that I thank you and God. You were a blessing and that will be your legacy.

Many may, and many may not – Republican and Democrat alike – share my point of view, but no one can deny that you changed the world. How many of us can make the claim, on our dying day, that we changed the human condition and the world during our lifetime(s)?

Farewell and Aloha, Senator! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You shall be missed, but only in person – what you left us will always remain. 

I salute you!


Vincent’s 2012 Cranberry Sauce Recipe – By Vincent J. Zuzow

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Each Thanksgiving for the past several years, I have made a holiday Cranberry sauce.  In the Mid-Western part of the United States the tradition of Thanksgiving is closely related to not only what blessings have been granted over the year, but what foods will be consumed on this day of feasting.  This years sauce is a bit on the tangy side, but can be sweetened to taste by adding more sugar, Splenda®, or honey.

  1. Wash berries in a strainer or colander, and place in a proper sized pot on the stove on medium heat.
  2. Add all ingredients.
  3. Stir pot.
  4. wash outside of orange(s) because some of the outside of the peel will be used in the sauce.
  5. Zest the orange peel by holding it over the pot and scraping the peel with a fork or use a potato peeler, and scrape off the thinnest possible slices an place in the pot.
  6. As berries begin to start popping, set timer for 15 minutes and start timer.
  7. Continue stirring occasionally.
  8. When timer is done, remove from heat and pour into shallow bowl(s).
  9. Set aside to cool (perhaps in a spot on the back porch secure from animals)
  10. Can be served warm (not hot), or chilled in the refrigerator overnight.

This is my recipe for Thanksgiving 2012.

Vincent’s 2012 Cranberry Sauce Recipe – Single Batch

  • 1 Bag of whole cranberries
  • 1 cups of Orange Juice
  • a handful of raisins
  • 1 Medium oranges – squeezed & partially zested
  • 8 to 10 Grapes of your choice
  • 6 Whole Cloves
  • 1 Cups of sugar
  • .5 cup of Apple Cider
  • 1 Washington Apple – or your apple of choice


The following recipe is for a jumbo batch. Really 3 batches together; designed for keeping some, and having some to take to other dinners or to give away.

Vincent’s 2012 Cranberry Sauce Recipe – 3 Batches

  • 3 Bags of whole cranberries
  • 1.5 cups of Orange Juice
  • a handful of raisins – or more to taste
  • 2 Medium oranges – squeezed & partially zested
  • 20 Grapes of your choice
  • 10 Whole Cloves
  •  3 Cups of sugar
  • 1 cup of Apple Cider
  • 1 or 2 Washington Apples – or your apple of choice


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Detroit Fans Boo Madonna – Fed Up With Material Girl Mind F**k – By George Alan

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I was at the Detroit Madonna concert on November 8, 2012, and witnessed her getting booed off the stage when she made Pro-Obama statements – ( It was startling to see Madonna booed so strongly at her concert, in her home town, in a Democratic state that supposedly voted for Obama…
Madonna out of control omg

Madonna Booed on stage in her hometown of Detroit, MI

What was more startling to me was how poorly Madonna handled the incident. I thought she was supposed to be some kind of genius or something. She certainly has a deaf ear to the mood of the people. She stammered and backpedaled for minutes until she finally resorted to making mindless platitudes about Detroit being the home of rock and roll that the idiots in the audience could relate to and shout down the people booing.
Madonna’s audience tilts gay and feminist, and obviously is an older croud. They are the kind of people the media would say would support pro-Obama platitudes. That’s not true apparently. Not all of them.
I didn’t vote and am not a Romney supporter in any way. Switching 300,000 votes (one tenth of one percent of the American population) in 4 states gave the electoral college to Obama. Ohio, Florida, Virginia and one other state. That’s how they did it. Especially in Virginia.  
I attended the Madonna concert to observe the imagery she’s is using. I anticipated correctly that she would use the black liquid from Thule Island and Prometheus. That lasted a couple of minutes on screen. Other imagery she used was expected like the eye in the pyramid and many, many others (exploding churches, etc.). I’d have to see a recording to be more specific. The only melodic crowd pleasing song she performed was the pedophilic sex number, ‘Like a Prayer’. Score one for the dark side.
Mostly I’d say the crowd seemed stunned afterwards like they had been assaulted. They had a great deal of difficulty exiting the building and parking structure. I texted my friend the next day to be mindful of any subliminals they inserted into the sensory overload. I noticed feeling different the next day. Possibly more aware but also much more paranoid.
I also attended Madonna’s Drowned World Tour on August 26, 2001. Thinking about that show now and the one two nights ago reminds me of Doris Lessing’s devolving population in Shikasta. Drowned World was 20 very pretty songs strung together primarily using interesting costumes, vocals and choreography. The (911) mega-ritual was just days away at that point however. The seeds of Erin were already constructed by the 26th. Eleven years of cognitive dissonance have passed since then.
I’m saddened but not surprised that this year’s show is basically one big Archontic electronic mind fuck. The boos at the concert two nights ago reminded (me) of the riot scene in A.I.

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