Detroit Fans Boo Madonna – Fed Up With Material Girl Mind F**k – By George Alan

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I was at the Detroit Madonna concert on November 8, 2012, and witnessed her getting booed off the stage when she made Pro-Obama statements – ( It was startling to see Madonna booed so strongly at her concert, in her home town, in a Democratic state that supposedly voted for Obama…
Madonna out of control omg

Madonna Booed on stage in her hometown of Detroit, MI

What was more startling to me was how poorly Madonna handled the incident. I thought she was supposed to be some kind of genius or something. She certainly has a deaf ear to the mood of the people. She stammered and backpedaled for minutes until she finally resorted to making mindless platitudes about Detroit being the home of rock and roll that the idiots in the audience could relate to and shout down the people booing.
Madonna’s audience tilts gay and feminist, and obviously is an older croud. They are the kind of people the media would say would support pro-Obama platitudes. That’s not true apparently. Not all of them.
I didn’t vote and am not a Romney supporter in any way. Switching 300,000 votes (one tenth of one percent of the American population) in 4 states gave the electoral college to Obama. Ohio, Florida, Virginia and one other state. That’s how they did it. Especially in Virginia.  
I attended the Madonna concert to observe the imagery she’s is using. I anticipated correctly that she would use the black liquid from Thule Island and Prometheus. That lasted a couple of minutes on screen. Other imagery she used was expected like the eye in the pyramid and many, many others (exploding churches, etc.). I’d have to see a recording to be more specific. The only melodic crowd pleasing song she performed was the pedophilic sex number, ‘Like a Prayer’. Score one for the dark side.
Mostly I’d say the crowd seemed stunned afterwards like they had been assaulted. They had a great deal of difficulty exiting the building and parking structure. I texted my friend the next day to be mindful of any subliminals they inserted into the sensory overload. I noticed feeling different the next day. Possibly more aware but also much more paranoid.
I also attended Madonna’s Drowned World Tour on August 26, 2001. Thinking about that show now and the one two nights ago reminds me of Doris Lessing’s devolving population in Shikasta. Drowned World was 20 very pretty songs strung together primarily using interesting costumes, vocals and choreography. The (911) mega-ritual was just days away at that point however. The seeds of Erin were already constructed by the 26th. Eleven years of cognitive dissonance have passed since then.
I’m saddened but not surprised that this year’s show is basically one big Archontic electronic mind fuck. The boos at the concert two nights ago reminded (me) of the riot scene in A.I.

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