Kim Jong Il Rest In Peace

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Kim Jong Il as a younger man

Kim Jong Il as a younger man

Today, Kim Jong Il died at the relatively young age of 69. The son of Kim Il Song, founder of the communist nation, Kim Jong Il took over the rains of power in 1994 when his father died of a heart attack at age 82 – 13 years senior to the number of years of Kim Jong Il.  Being the leader of the Korean people for the last 17 years, he controlled the fourth largest army in the world.  No small feat.  This takes years of military and political training and a diplomatic mind filled with a lifetime of experience.  The successor to Kim Jong Il is believed to be his 3rd son Kim Jong Un – believed to be under the age of 30.

Kim Jong Un at a recent parade

Kim Jong Un at a recent parade

What were you doing when you were 28 or 29?  I know I wasn’t gearing up to run a dictatorship.  I was focused on my sexy wife, my work and rock and roll – which was my work at the time. Yes, I played in rock bands ever since high school.

So what do you think Kim Jong Un is thinking about?  I’m sure he is morning his father’s death, but he must be thinking along the lines of any healthy 28 year old, and probably petrefied about taking over the fourth largest world power as figurehead.  Who wouldn’t be?

I can only hope that Kim Jong Un has been influenced by rock music (or any music for that matter – except Rap, because that is not music…), in a positive way.  If Kim has let Led Zeppelin into his life we have less to fear from him than his father.  If he has embraced the words of the Beatles “All you need is love”, or John Lennon’s “Imagine”, the world is a gigantic step closer to world peace, and the people of North Korea are in for a bright new uplifting life of freedom!

I wish Kim Jong Un well as he grieves for his lost father, and given his youth, pray that he makes a wiser, more reasonable and compassionate leader than his father.

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